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Amazing Things not to Miss on a Rwanda Safari

Canopy Walk in Nyungwe

For a glimpse of Africa’s ever wowed beauty, Rwanda is one of the prominent destinations you should start with.

It is geographically located in the Eastern part of Africa. Nearby by Uganda in the north, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, Tanzania in the East and Burundi in the South.

It has no shortage of things to do, defending the reason why thousands of travelers pack for it annually from different parts of the World.

A range of what to see and do including diverse Wildlife, rich culture, sparkling cityscapes and incredible natural scenery allows travelers to choose what there are after to.

Since the list of Rwanda’s temptations is endless, we have tried to list some of the unmissable things on a Safari in Rwanda.

Gorilla Trek.

If you are visiting Rwanda this year, Gorilla Trekking is something you should not miss. This adventure awards tourists chances to meet face to face with the rarely seen species of Mountain Gorillas in the jungles of Volcanoes National Park.

Gorilla Trek usually begins with a short briefing conducted to highlight tourists on how to behave while in the Jungle.

Later the journey starts via rugged trails that wind through the valleys, hills and dense jungles. Once you locate these apes or the family you are tracing for, only one hour is allowed to stay with them.

Adding to the amazing walks, Gorilla trek treats travelers with impressive views of the Gorillas as there are feeding, laughing, strolling around or constructing temporary huts for shelter.

Golden Monkey Tracking.

When it comes to exploring Rwanda’s primates, Golden Monkeys are a must-see.

These species of the Old World monkey family are one of the prettiest animals in the World, attracts primate addicts with their cute faces and goldish strips. There are herbivores in nature and feed on the young bamboo shoot and stem.

Like Gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking in Rwanda lets you meet with these primates in the Jungles. It starts with a short briefing, and later you engage in a trek until you discover their presence.

Moreover, Golden monkeys live most in the mountainous bamboo forested areas. Therefore physical fitness is a must for every participant.

Kigali City Tour.

On top of being amongst the World’s cleanest and organized cities, Kigali packs plenty into the tourists’ day trips. This spectacular spot is just a few kilometers from the country’s international airport in Kanombe.

Several historical sites, local markets, craft shops and religious sites are worth a visit before you set off for one of Rwanda’s three National Parks.

Some of the major points of interest in Kigali are Kigali genocide memorial, kaplaki craft shop and more.

Chimpanzee Tracking.

If you are still not sure of the top things to do in Rwanda, Chimpanzee tracking is one of them. This excursion grants travelers an opportunity to meet with Chimpanzees, the closest primates to human being features.

While in Rwanda this encounter is only possible in Nyungwe Forest National Park and its permit costs $90 per person.

Iby’wachu Cultural visit.

Are you are after Culture in Rwanda? Don’t miss a visit to the Iby’wachu Cultural village. This incredible locality is just a few kilometers from the park headquarters of Volcanoes National Park.

It was established mainly to showcase the standards of living and local life of the Batwa people. This village is dotted by huts that display different activities performed by the Batwa in the past times.

A local guide (Omutwa) is available to tour you around and after you will be entertained by their cultural dances.

Dian Fossey Hike.

Dain Fossey was a great conservationist who started the campaign towards saving the lives of the Gorillas.

She started with conserving Gorillas in the thick forests of DR Congo’s Virunga National Park, but unrest in the country forced her to shift up to Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park where she constructed a conservation Centre (Karisoke) before she was shot dead by the rebels.

While in the Park, endeavor to hike up to her graveyard for more information about all works done by her (it is all detailed in the nearby Karisoke conservation center). This is a full day hike and costs USD 75 per person.

Encounter Wildlife in Akagera.

For Wildlife lovers, see your way to Akagera, this Park is tucked far away in the Eastern part of Rwanda. It plays home to multiple wildlife species including the African big fives.

You can take in most of the Park’s rich wildlife by a game drive. Other activities to make your days are boat cruise on Lake Ihema, bird watching and fishing.

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