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Best Tourist Places to Visit in Rwanda

Rwanda lies in Eastern part of Africa, it consists of many attractive places however its major draws are the three parks (Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park and Nyungwe Forest National Park) and a holiday to Lake Kivu which is its great Lake too.

Welcome to Volcanoes National Park, found in the northwestern Rwanda bordering Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda and DR Congo’s Virunga National Park.

The park is renowned for the rare mountain gorillas that are nowhere to be found except Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and other two countries (Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo).

Volcanoes National Park has greatly contributed to the tremendous growth of Rwanda’s economy through the tax collection from the gorilla permits purchased in high numbers for gorilla tours one of the unrivalled experiences to be part while in Rwanda.

It is the mostly visited park in Rwanda due to its rare attractions, suitable safari lodges and exclusive camps.

A gorilla permit costs US$ 1500 but can be given on a discounted price due to two different occasions. It can be sold at US$ 1050 if you are to visit at least two or more Parks in Rwanda.

The permit can also be purchased at US$ 1275 if you are to have a conference in Rwanda and you will be able to give a sight to over 200 mountain gorillas in the Park and 11 gorilla families which are habituated.

The park also has five volcanoes which are very impressive especially to those who like mountain hiking of which the mostly enjoyable volcano to be hiked is Karisimbi which is a two days hike and others include Gahinga, Bisoke, Muhabura and Sabyinyo.

It is also a haven to more than 175 bird species and other wildlife such as buffaloes, golden monkeys, bush bucks, spotted hyenas, black-front duikers, elephants plus many others.

Top accommodation in the park include; Mountain Gorilla View Lodge, Bisate Eco Lodge, Virunga Lodge, Jack Hanna’s Guest House among others.

After gorilla trekking experiences do not mist to experience the African wildlife and here visit to the Akagera National Park.

The park is found in the eastern parts of Rwanda and one of the top destinations to visit in Rwanda, it is most known for its diversity in wildlife and bird life.

The park is haven to over 400 bird species and some of the mammals in the park include Lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, giraffes and many others.

It is a two and half hour drive out of Kigali city and it is accessed through the tarmac roads which are all in the finest condition.

A visit to Akagera National Park will reward you abundantly because there are a variety of activities which you can get involved in while in the Park.

These include birding, nature walks, game drives, game viewing and at Lake Ihema also found in the Park. This lake provides a variety of activities like Aquatic bird watching, boat cruises which gives you higher chances of viewing the hippos and crocodiles.

Thus, for birders and wildlife viewers, this could be the suitable destination for you. It as well consists of good accommodations like Akagera game lodge and Ruzizi Tented Lodge.

Don’t leave Rwanda before you visit Nyungwe Forest National Park that offers the amazing the Chimpanzees which are among the great apes in the world and fortunately are all found in Rwanda thus increasing Rwanda’s government revenue through the taxes collected from the high number of tourists who usually visit Rwanda for those two great apes.

Chimpanzees in Rwanda are found in Nyungwe Forest National Park though some are nowadays seen in the Giswhati Forest Reserve.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is the top destination for chimpanzee trekkers in Rwanda and a chimpanzee permit costs US$ 90 per permit per person.

Nyungwe national park is also a haven to other primate species including the golden monkeys, blue monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, grey cheeked monkeys, Vervet monkeys, Silver monkeys, Olive baboons, L’Hoest’s monkeys and many others plus being a home to almost 300 bird species.

Nyungwe canopy walk is another famous activity which is mostly enjoyed by many tourists visiting Nyungwe forest national park because this walk provides face to face view with many of the creatures in the Park.

The walk costs US$ 60 per individual and the prices are received at the reception center, the walk is recommendable for individuals from 6 years however the young ones are accompanied by the adults.

Then if you are interested in vacations and holidays in Rwanda, Lake Kivu is one of Africa’s great Lakes which lie in the border between Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

After doing the tiresome activities in any of Rwanda’s park you should not miss a visit to Lake Kivu where you will enjoy many activities from there such as boat cruises, fishing and also enjoy the extraction of methane from the Lake.

During the boat cruises, you will see the Nile crocodiles, hippos and aquatic birds, visit the hot springs for the healthy messages and look at the right side and have the undulating terrains and on the clear day you may be able to spot the active volcano (Mount Nyiragongo) in Virunga National Park, Congo.

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