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Rent a 4×4 Car in Uganda & Rwanda

Uganda and Rwanda are some of Africa’s favorites when it comes to perfect African wildlife safaris.

Renting a car in both countries is very easy as there are good car hire companies to book through such as 4X4 Car Hire Uganda.

When you choose one of those car hire companies, there are several special advantages you can access. Their selection fleet is filled with the most desirable safari cars.

Get your car rental in Uganda and Rwanda faster with Online Check-In. This free system lets you fill out any paperwork beforehand – saving valuable time before you reach the check-in desk. You will be on your way in no time.

Driving in Uganda and Rwanda differs as in Uganda you will keep left well as in Rwanda you keep right. In Uganda you can drive to up to 100km/hr. on some highways but in Rwanda you are not allowed to drive exceeding 40km/hr.

However, in both countries, driving in their national parks and other protected areas you are highly recommended to drive at a maximum speed of 40km/hr. for the well being of animals in the parks, always be aware of the animals while driving in the Parks.

Bordered with Tanzania, Kenya, DR Congo and Burundi, Uganda and Rwanda are a great fusion of different cultures.

Must-visit areas on your Uganda-Rwanda trip include; Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth, and Bwindi Impenetrable National Parks (all in Uganda) and then in Rwanda are Volcanoes, Nyungwe Forests, and Akagera National Parks plus also visiting some of the 1994 Genocide Memorials in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital.

The capitals, Kigali and Kampala (for Uganda) deserves some serious exploring too, with their iconic art museums and historic buildings plus many other beautiful attractions. Of course, no one could forget the chocolate box romance of Bruges.

Strictly speaking any car being driven both in Uganda and Rwanda must be first checked thoroughly you, the client, before setting off for you fascinating self-drive trip in these two beautiful countries.

Reason for checking the car is to ensure that the car you are taking is really in the best shape to avoid inconveniences on your trip.

Note you are highly advised to be aware of the other vehicles as you are driving and also be very vigilant on the locals, pedestrians, because once you cause an accident, you will be penalized or even imprisoned.

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