Is it Safe to Take Self Drive Tours in Rwanda?

Rwanda is such a safe country to take a self-drive tour. Keep to speed limits the police has speed gun and do enforce the speed limits. If you keep the speed limits people walking on the roadside should not be a problem at all, as the roads are usually empty once you cross Shorongi.  You have to take 4×4 when going for gorilla trekking.

The last 5 KM to the base where you start hiking from is awful with volcanic stones. You will need a tall 4×4 to negotiate this bit, the rest of the road is in excellent condition and very scenic.

The traffic within the city can be hectic, but once you get used to it, not so bad. Recommend do not travel at night, as the locals use the tarmac as a sidewalk, and many bicycles, and motorbikes that do not use their headlights.

The distance between Kigali Memorial and Kinigi is 100 km, took 2 1/4 hours. Very limited amount of traffic outside of town, beautiful hilly road to Kinigi. Speed limit is posted at 40, and 60 km/h.

Local’s travel bit faster, but you are renting a 4×4 Toyota so it is that best to obey traffic signs, as police can be strict. You enjoy the drive by yourselves, people all very helpful and very handy to have your own transportation to get from Volcanoes National Park to the trailhead.

The availability of services that include one-way car rental, weekly rentals, car hires, minivan rentals, and so much more makes it much safer for you to take a self-drive in Rwanda.

The self-drive cars are equipped for highland roads. The fleet consists of cars specifically chosen for the Rwanda terrain and unlimited mileage. The most popular cars are the Toyota Land Cruisers and Toyota Rav4‘s 4×4 that are engineered for comfort and off-road adventure.

We take pride in our business and do our absolute best in representing our country. We encourage you to shop around as we are certain that we offer the best rates for the quality of service provided.

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