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Kampala City Tours & Jinja Holidays

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda full of many industrial areas and many other beautiful areas where one would like to visit.

After the Kampala city tours you can also decide to go for a holiday in Jinja because it is one of the highest industrialized towns in Uganda and full of areas where one would like to take his or her holiday from.

For someone to organize for the Kampala city tours and Jinja holidays, you will need to consider the following; you will need to consult the best tour companies in Uganda which offer car rentals and camping materials.

One of the best tour companies to deal with for the better services and for making your Kampala city tours and Jinja holidays a simple and a better one, is the Nature Adventure Africa Safari Limited.

Nature Adventure Africa Safari Limited provides car hire such as Prado, Rav4, Super custom, safari van, Costa, and Land cruiser.

The company also provides camping materials such as camping tents which will help you in making your tour a nice one. The company can also give you a driver if at all you don’t know how to drive a car.

When dealing with the above company, you will be asked to pay a 30% of the scheduled fee you are to pay as a way of securing your tour because the company gets many bookings due to its better services it provides to its clients and on your arrival is when you will pay all the balances.

Before giving you the car, the company will first have to approve that you owe a valid driving permit and after they will have to take photos of the vehicle you will be taking to ensure that it is in a good condition and if you drive recklessly and cause any damage on it, you will be asked to pay for the damages.

You will also first have to test the vehicle before taking it to determine whether it is ideal for the tour and if found that it is not in a good position for the tour, you will then be exchanged with another vehicle.

After verifying the type and condition of the vehicle you are taking, you will be taken to the lodge that will be booked for you to live in for the reason of your Uganda tour. The lodge will serve you breakfast, lunch and supper.

In the morning you will set for your tour and you will first enjoy the good tarmac roads of Kampala city and its beautiful and amazing buildings.

When in Kampala city, you will come to pass via the biggest plazas in the city such as Mutaasa plaza and still you can decide to visit the Uganda museum where you will see the fossils and remains of the great things in Uganda.

In the Uganda museum you will also find some of the biggest international awards which are won by some of the artists in Uganda such as the BET award which was won by Eddy Kenzo in 2015, the Nickelodeon award which was also won by Eddy Kenzo in 2018 plus other awards.

For those who like music and fun, you will also see some of the biggest grounds for music concerts of the Ugandan musicians and the international musicians and these grounds include Lugogo cricket oval which is in Kampala, Lugogo rugby grounds, Freedom city which is found in Zana still in Kampala plus many others.

You will also pass via some of the best media houses like Radios and Televisions such as Radio city, Radio Kabozi, UBC TV, NTV and many others.

You will also have chances of seeing the biggest football stadium of Uganda (Namboole national stadium) plus other stadiums such as Star-times stadium for KCCA FC.

After the Kampala city tours, you can go for Jinja holidays because there are many places in Jinja where you can go for the holidays such as; you can decide to go to Masese landing site which is scheduled on Lake Victoria the largest Lake in Africa.

Here you will get involved in many luxurious activities such as spot fishing on the sides of Lake Victoria, boat trips on Lake Victoria, bird watching and you will come to notice the types of fish species caught from Lake Victoria which include Tilapia, Nile Perch, Silver fish and others.

You can also decide to go for holidays to visit the Bujagali falls while in Jinja which are found in River Nile the longest River in Africa and here you will also get involved in boat trips as well and spot fishing.

You will enjoy the fast moving waters of Bujagali falls which pour their waters to River Nile and these Bujagali falls help in the generation of hydroelectric power to the local people of Jinja and Uganda entirely.

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