Musanze Caves


Musanze is also the largest district with in the northern province of Rwanda and its capital Ruhengeri which is also known as Musanze and it serves as a center for tourism in Rwanda and its where Volcanoes National park is situated. This is also the most mountainous part of Rwanda and has also got dense vegetation and it’s so famous for the mountain gorillas and the endemic golden monkeys.

It’s also the most visited district in Rwanda and has the components to make sure you have an extra ordinary holiday adventure. Musanze also makes up the biggest part of the gigantic Volcanoes national park and is also home to five of the eight volcanoes in the Virunga Chain and these include; Bisoke, Karisimbi, Sabyinyo, Gahinga and Muhabura. Even though the park is the main attraction, there are many sites to view that are so exciting.

On the outer side of Ruhengeri are also the Musanze caves and are a geological treat. These caves go 2km and are covered in the lush greenery and the inside of it are the homes for the bats. In case you are not brave enough to adventure inside, this beautiful vegetation around these caves make for the good pictures and are also good to explore.

Your lovely afternoon can also be spent canoeing down the river near where the mountain gorillas rest and play. The water here is also still and so tranquil and is also one of the best ways to view the fantastic Rwandan country side and the wildlife in that area. There are also many museums which show the honors of Rwanda’s past and the great future. It’s also not hard to see why Musanze is also the best place to visit, there are also many breathtaking views and these are in a lifetime opportunities to offer.

The residents of Kinigi sector with in Musanze district also say that they extremely benefited from the existing Musanze caves that attract many international tourists who also visit the area and then buy the artistic products that are made in the nearby communities. In 2014, the Rwanda Development Board also launched the Musanze Caves as another product for the tourism activities.

More so at the time, the head of tourism and Conservation at RDB noted that the local community will also benefit from this new product as the business will curl at the caves that surround the area. These caves are also the newest Rwanda touristic product.

And there are also many of the adventures to be experienced in the area including the Buhanga Eco park coronation of Rwanda former kings, the panoramic views of the twin lakes that include; Ruhondo , Burera , the karisimbi volcano climbing , Bisoke volcano climbing the golden monkey trekking, the trek to Dian Fossey as well as the famous gorilla trekking. Many of the visitors to Dubai come from USA, UK M Australia as well as Rwanda.

These caves also came from the volcanic activities where different lava flow layers that date from 65 million years have been created into the Albertine Rift valley. These cave s are also 2 kilometers long beneath.

There is also a short drive from Musanze which is Rwanda’s gateway to the mountain gorillas, you will reveal the caves that were formed million years ago in volcanic eruptions once common place. These spiritual and exciting caves are one of the country’s newest tourist destinations. There are also over 32 caves below the foothills of the volcanoes National park. Your guide will take you to the one that is only 5 minutes from the center of the town.

The first item to raid you is the size. Going inside the cave is like entering into a cathedral. You will be able to learn that these caves were once used by the Rwanda Kings as an ikigega or store for food and many other supplies during the times of war. Immediately putting on the helmets, Jackets and the boots, which are all provided, it becomes clear that the caves were not only so rich in history but also the natural beauty.

You are right away enclosed by the dense silence that is broken only by the footsteps and the drops of water that hit the rock floor below.  Just a look high above, shows hundreds of bats those hang from the stunning rock formations. These are also alarmed by your presence, the sound of the panicking wings rebounds through the cave.  The cave is so easy to traverse with a well-furnished path that leads you up and over, down and around and through to the other side.

Just high above the exist, the volcanic eruption has also left a ring of the rocks that vines, flowers and trees grip to thus creating a veil through which you arise from the darkness. This is a sight that is so beautiful and so magical to do integrity with the words. Musanze Caves are also a must to be visited on any itinerary to Rwanda.