IbyI’wacu Cultural Village


A safari to Rwanda without visiting ibyi’wacu cultural village is surely incomplete. A visit to this village is a great way to learn and enjoy the traditional culture of Rwanda associated with dances, songs, dressing code, poems and fantastic drummers whose entertainment is life changing.

Interestingly, travelers are allowed to take part in all activities like preparing local food and brewering local banana beer which make them part of the community an experience for a lifetime. Also, travelers get a chance of interacting with former poachers and medicine men that all provide you with extensive knowledge about Rwanda’s traditions and norms. Other activities that take place at this site include preparing traditional marriages and cow milking among others.

Local people at ibyi’wacu community village present their community structure, traditional medicine, dancing and archery which presentations expand traveler’s knowledge about Rwanda’s traditional village life. Also the village is surrounded by volcanoes national park and the Virunga volcanoes hence an added opportunity for the travelers to enjoy the spectacular views of the stunning, beautiful and green environment.