Cultural Tours


Rwanda’s exceptional culture is one of the key features that make Rwanda safaris lifetime experiences. It’s undeniable that a safari to Rwanda without a taste of its distinct and indigenous culture is surely incomplete.

Much as most travelers complement cultural tours to gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park, a visit to any one cultural site is an experience of its own kind. Rwanda’s culture comprises of traditional dances, songs, poems, interacting with local people, preparing local foods, brewring local beers and living a traditional life.

In order to enhance cultural tourism in Rwanda, several tourism sites have been established in different parts of Rwanda. Interestingly, travelers are allowed to take part in some cultural events such as the traditional dances, dressing code, all which make travelers part of the society. Also, there are many artifacts, maps, books and videos at each site, which provide travelers with extensive knowledge.

Besides culture and mountain gorillas, travelers can engage in golden monkey trekking, volcano climbing and Kigali city tour which together make a complete safari package to the land of a thousand hills. The must visits cultural sites in Rwanda include: Ibyw’wacu cultural village, Azizi Life Experience and the Intore dance.