Ndaba Rock


Ndaba rock is a place you should not miss out of your Rwanda safari. Interestingly, the rock is just 2 hours’ drive from Kigali international airport hence an en-route to as you connect to the airport for your return flight.

The mystical past history of the rock is one of the reasons you should not miss out on your safari to the land of a thousand hills. In the past, the rock dripped with honey which local people especially the hunters would collect freely. These people would go together and one of them climbs to the top with the support of others who held ropes at the bottom of the rock.

On one fateful day, one hunter diapered mysteriously when he was collecting honey as the friends waited at the bottom. The disappearing of this hunter was attributed to his greedy character where he would keep his friends waiting for long at the bottom of the rock while he ate honey from the top of the rock.