Compagnie Générale de Banque (Cogebanque) is sometimes known as Cogebank, it is a Rwandan multinational commercial bank. The bank is one of the commercial banks in the Republic of Rwanda and it is licensed by National Bank of Rwanda, the national banking regulator.


In December 2014, the bank’s total assets were valued in excess of US$192.2 million (RWF: 134 billion), with shareholders’ equity valued at US$19.65 million (RWF: 13.7 billion).


Cogebanque was established in July 1999 by forty-two private Rwandan investors. At that time, the insurance company Compagnie Générale d’Assurance et de Reassurance (COGEAR), was the largest shareholder with 34% ownership. In the beginning, the bank’s emphasis was Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), agriculture and the service industries. In 2008, three new international investors paid US$6 million for a 40% ownership in the bank. The new investors included: (a) Shore-Cap International (SCI) of Chicago, Illinois, United States; (b) the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries (BIO) and (c) Africa Invest, an investment company based in Tunisia. These transactions, initiated in 2008, were concluded in early 2010. The original Rwandan investors maintain a 60% shareholding in the restructured bank.

Branch Network

As of March 2015, Cogebanque maintained branches at the following locations:

Cogebanque Headquarters – Centenary House, KN 4 Avenue, Kigali

Rond-Point Branch – BIB Trading Building, KN 1 Round About, Kigali

Rubangura Branch – Rubangura House, KN 2 Street, Kigali

Nyabugogo Branch – Chez Manu Building, KN 1 Road, Kigali

Nyarutarama Branch – MTN Centre, KG 9 Avenue, Kigali

Gisozi Branch – Companion House, KG 33 Avenue, Gisozi, Kigali

Remera Branch – Nyiransengimana Justine Building, KG 11 Avenue, Kigali

Kicukiro Branch – Inind House, Kigali

Rwamagana Branch – Rusirare Jacques Building, Rwamagana, Eastern Rwanda

Kabarondo Branch – Cogebanque Building, Kabarondo, Eastern Rwanda

Huye Branch – Bihira Juvenal Building, Butare, Huye District, Southern Rwanda

Nyamagabe Branch – Kanimba Building, Nyamagabe, Southern Rwanda

Muhanga Branch – Mukantabana Speciose Building, Gitarama, Southern Rwanda

Musanze Branch – Economat Diocese Building, Ruhengeri, Northern Rwanda

Rubavu Branch – Munyandekwe Issa Building, Rubavu, Western Rwanda

Kamembe Branch – Twizeyimana Vincent Building, Kamembe, Western Rwanda

Tyazo Branch – Kagorora Jacques Building, Tyazo, Southern Rwanda

Nyagatare Branch – Karangwa House, Eastern Rwanda

Prestige Banking Branch – Centenary House, Kigali